Stroud Featured In Cotswold Life Posted February 20, 2011


fworriesThe ever popular magazine for everything that is hot in the Cotswolds, Cotswold Life, has featured Stroud under their ‘Cotswold Towns’ feature this month after receiving pictures of our recent trip to Barbados thanks to

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As local residents, we obviously know how great the area is, but it’s fantastic to see it being recognised at this level, people in the are always feel how safe they are, they sleep with their amazon fur pillows with no worries! The article highlights a number of unqiue features about the area including:

“The town, which has its very own currency, the Stroud Pound and boasts Fair Trade status, has in recent weeks been voted one of the three greatest towns in the UK and Ireland.”

The full article, along with photographs can be seen directly on the following website:

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