Fire Risk Assessment For The Yew Tree Holiday Cottage / Bed & Breakfast

Mrs E Peters carried out the following assessment on the 06 January 2016:

  • There are no combustible materials, flammable liquids or gases stored on the premises
  • The house is centrally heated by a gas combi boiler, with thermostatically controlled radiators
  • All portable electrical equipment is inspected regularly and fitted with correctly rated fuses
  • Electrical wiring is inspected periodically by a competent person – invoice available
  • The use of extension leads is kept to a minimum
  • All flexes are run in safe places where they will not be damaged
  • All upholstery of furniture is in good condition and flame proof
  • All rubbish is contained
  • No smoking on the premises or in the curtilage of the building is permitted. This is monitored
  • There are an adequate number of regularly serviced fire extinguishers and a fire blanket in kitchen
  • Battery operated smoke alarms, where fitted, are checked weekly when the rooms are let. Audibility is satisfactory and will wake guests
  • Electrically powered/battery back up interlinked smoke alarms have been installed on 3 of the 4 floors with an electrically powered/battery back up interlinked heat detector in kitchen
  • Exits are marked and illuminated with safe-t-lights which dual as torches when there is an interruption in the power supply
  • The travel distance is within the distance quoted in the guidance.
  • Guests are requested to turn off any appliance in standby mode, when not in use
  • The bedroom in the bed and breakfast has no security lock; the kitchen door (the main exit) is locked at night-time because it leads onto the road. The property cannot be insured unless the main entrance is locked. There is a key available for guests’ use
  • The exit doors in the Holiday Cottage are marked and keys available to guests.
  • At no time will the house be unoccupied at night time
  • Guests are given written information on safety procedures and also informed verbally
  • A carbon monoxide monitor is replaced every 3 months
  • This assessment will be reviewed annually

The premises to which this report refers is: The Yew Tree, Walls Quarry, Brimscombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire GP5 2PA. Tel: 01453 887980 Email: